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EVO Condos and Townhomes Toronto | Plans, Prices, Reviews

Pre-construction Condo & Townhome at 2180 Lawrence Scarborough

Development By Lalu Canada

Price: TBA

Marquis Townhome Toronto

Pre-construction Condo at Old Harwood Avenue, Ajax

Development By Your Home Developments

Price: TBA

Grand River Woods Townhomes

Pre-construction Townhomes & Singles at Limerick Road, Cambridge

Development By Crystal Homes

Price: TBA

The Sky Lofts Towns Scarborough

Pre-construction Townhouse at 1355 Neilson Road, Scarborough ON M1B 4Y9

Development By Stafford Homes

Price: TBA

AYC Townhomes Toronto

Pre-construction Townhouse at 181 Bedford Road, Toronto

Development By Metropia Urban Landscapes

Price: TBA

Ten88 Progress Manors Scarborough

Under Construction Townhome at 1088 Progress Ave, Toronto

Development By Pace Developments

Price: TBA

KiBo Townhomes Richmond | Plans, Prices, Reviews

Pre-construction Townhouse at 301 King Rd, Richmond Hill

Development By The Wycliffe Group Limited

Price: TBA

Kingsway by the River Townhomes

Pre-construction Townhouse at 4208 Dundas St W, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Y6

Development By Urban Capital Property Group

Price: TBA

Fresh Towns

Pre-construction Town Home Project at Morrison Drive, Ottawa

Development By Greatwise Development

Price: TBA

New Seaton

Pre-construction Townhome Family Home at 3167-3199 Brock Rd, Pickering, ON L0H

Development By Aspen Ridge Homes

Price: TBA

South Aurora Homes | Plans, Prices, Reviews

Pre-construction Condo & Townhome at South Aurora Aurora

Development By Ballymore Homes

Price: TBA

Riverside Towns on Brock

Pre-construction Condo at 2165 Brock Road, Pickering

Development By Skale Developments

Price : TBA

Leslie Towns On The Park

Pre-construction Condo at 15370 Leslie Street, Aurora

Development By Skale Developments

Price : TBA

Greenwich Village Towns

Pre-construction Condo at 871 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto

Development By The Crown Communities

Price : TBA

2100 Brant Street Towns

Pre-construction Condo at 2100 Brant Street, Burlington

Development By National Homes

Price : TBA

Horizons Modern Towns

Pre-construction Condo at Brock Street North & Taunton Road East, Whitby

Development By Chestnut Hill Developments

Price : TBA

The Way Urban Towns

Pre-construction Condo at 2277 South Millway, Mississauga

Development By Metropia

Price : TBA

Hilltop Towns

Pre-construction Condo at Grayson Rd, Ajax

Development By Your Home Developments

Price : TBA

Palgrave Estates

Pre-construction Condo at Mount Pleasant Road, Caledon

Development By Flato Developments

Price : TBA

1165 O’Connor Towns

Pre-construction Condo at 1165 O’Connor Drive, Toronto

Development By Manorgate Homes

Price : TBA

150 Bronoco Ave Towns

Pre-construction Condo at 150 Bronoco Avenue, Toronto

Development By i2 Developments

Price : TBA